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5 Benefits Of Giving Your Dog A Spa Day!

5 Benefits Of Giving Your Dog A Spa Day!

Your pup loves a good foot rub just as much as us! 5 benefits of giving your pup a spa day!

  • To help release from the pads any toxins that are adhered and could lead to future disease.
  • Massaging specific reflexology points in the paw can help those organs be stimulated, improve circulation, and aid in detoxing.
  • The doTERRA Lime and Wild Orange oils used are uplifting, antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, restorative, and tonifying for immune and digestion.
  • A quiet time for you to share with your fur baby.
  • Can reduce the mental stress and make future nail trimming easier.


How to create the perfect pup paw spa massage:

  • 1 teaspoon Epsom salt to the Paw Spa bowl.
  • 3 drops of doTERRA essential oil, Lime or Mandarin Orange, to the bowl for dogs under 50 pounds, and 5 drops of oil for dogs over 50 pounds.
  • Add warm water (to dissolve the Epsom salt) enough volume to allow the entire paw to be covered. Swirl to mix.
  • For large dogs: Start by soaking the dog’s rear paws – 2 to 5 minutes. Sometimes the dog will tell you when they are done soaking if they’ve been standing still and try to step out after a few minutes. Pat the paws dry. Repeat the same with the front paws.
  • For small dogs: Soak the 2 rear paws in 1 bowl and 2 front paws in 1 bowl. Soak 2 to 5 minutes. Pat paws dry.
  • Have the dog lay down for the paw massage. Apply coconut oil to your palm and rub on pads of paw.
  • Start by doing clockwise circles, slowly increasing pressure, on the divot above the large pad.
  • Rub each pad in a clockwise circle with the tips of your thumbs, making sure to spend time massaging the outer part of each pad where the pressure points are. Focus on any specific organ point where your dog may be experiencing difficulty.
  • Apply direct pressure to the center of each pad, holding the pressure 5 seconds.
  • Rub circles down each toe. When you are finished, pull straight pressure down each toe, stretching them out.

Enjoy this special time with your fur-baby!

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