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Your dog's health shouldn't be a guessing game.

Get a comprehensive analysis of 20 crucial aspects of your furry friend's nutritional and functional health, so you can help your dog live a longer and healthier life!

What You Get With Checkpup

Actionable Insights

Get specific guidance and recommendations tailored to your dog’s health, empowering you to protect and improve your dog’s health.

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Comprehensive Analysis

Checkpup was created to completely revolutionize how pet care works.

✅ Wellness Check Up
✅ Systems Check Up
✅ Food Optimization
✅ Clinical Signs Report
✅ Health Action Plan
✅ Supplement Guidance

Our early detection approach empowers you to identify precursors or etiologies to clinical symptoms or illnesses, before it's too late.

🚩 Detect Harmful Health Patterns
🚩 Eliminate Toxic Metals

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What Makes Us Wag-Worthy

Vet Developed

Our comprehensive pet wellness test is developed by veterinarians and backed by industry-leading research

Care With Confidence

We deliver the details, insight, and guidance you need to care for your pup with confidence

Adaptive Results

Our process is designed to keep up with your pup's health as it changes over time

Checkpup Highlights

Easy Peasy

Skip the sharp needles, and crying pups. Simply snip some hair and send it in for analysis. It's so easy.

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Vet-developed & recommended

Checkpup is veterinarian-developed and recommended to deliver the most comprehensive and convenient pet wellness experience available today.

Checkpup's powerful, proprietary algorithm is built on thousands of actual, clinical veterinary visits.

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Designed by dog-people for pup parents, everywhere

We want the best for our pets, and we know you do too. Checkpup is a game-changer for pet parents who want to take a proactive and empowered approach to providing the best life for their pups.

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To know is to love.

We believe that knowledge empowers and inspires greater connections between people and their pets.

From the pack

"Gave me exactly what I needed to address my dog's chronic weight issues. Using the information we've received from our Checkpup test our husky husky has reached a healthy weight, has more energy, and is an all around happier pup!"

Brandon L. & Champ the Husky

"We thought that our pug, Murphy, had lost his puppy energy with age. After getting our Checkpup results, we changed a few aspects of his lifestyle to encourage rest and remove stress, and changed his diet to fit his metabolism type. Now he's like a puppy again, and we couldn't be happier."

Maria S. & Murphy the Pug

"The sheer amount of insight you get from this test is incredible. Checkpup does not cut corners when it comes making sure you understand everything you need to care for your dog. I got more information from this single test than I received from three separate tests during my last vet visit. Sprinkles and I are very impressed."

Dave M. & Sprinkles the Poodle


What is Checkpup?

Checkpup® is a veterinarian-developed, at-home health analysis test for your pup.

Rather than saliva swabs, urinalysis, or blood work, we use a sample of your pup's hair to deliver comprehensive wellness reports, so that you have the information you need to give your pup the quality care they deserve.

What do you test for?

Testing your pup’s hair reveals what is happening with their functional and nutritional health. We analyze insights into 20 essential areas of their health, including a Wellness Check, Toxic Metals Check, Metabolism & Diet Check, and Systems Check.

Through our Wellness Check, you'll gain valuable insights into your pup's Blood Sugar Handling, Thyroid Performance, Energy Levels, Autonomic Balance, Inflammation, Immune System, and Adrenal Stress. These tests help us include information about how their thyroid, adrenal, and pituitary glands are functioning, as well as how your pup deals with carbohydrates, sugars, available protein, and overall digestion.

We also identify the presence of toxic metals in your pup's body, which can affect liver and kidney function, personality, behavior, energy levels, immune system strength, and stress response.

Checkpup also tests your dog's metabolic function or oxidation rate. This refers to how quickly the body converts food into energy. We will give you guidance on Diet based on your pup's test results.

Our Systems Check evaluates major body systems to determine which systems show the highest likelihood of concern, and give guidance about what you should focus on to optimize your pup's health.

Using all of this information, we can help explain why certain conditions have occurred, determine your pup's current health status, predict what could happen if nothing is corrected, and provide dietary and supplement recommendations.

Does this diagnose diseases in my dog?

Disease can arise due to a number of nutritional factors, including but not limited to lack of or excess minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, and enzymes. All of these can impact your dog's health. We believe that if your pup’s body has everything it needs, then your pup can better defend themselves against any potential disease.

Checkpup finds areas of imbalance or distress, so that you can adjust your dog's care before any red flags develop — and before these conditions can cause lasting damage!

This information can be used to better understand your pup's health and the factors that may put their wellness at risk. Though Checkpup is vet-developed, we do not provide a medical diagnosis. You should talk to your veterinarian if you are concerned about a specific medical condition in your dog.

What will I learn?

Ever wonder how your dog is doing? Now you know. Expand your understanding of your pup's health, and learn about the processes through which illnesses and disorders develop. Checkpup analyzes 20 essential areas of your pup's functional and nutritional health.

Some of these 20 essential areas include metabolism, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, immune system functioning, glandular activity, and toxic metal exposure.

Using valuable information and insights, you can optimize your pup's health and stop harmful trends in their tracks.

How much hair will I need?

The volume of hair needed will vary from dog to dog, depending on the density of your dog's hair. The density of your dog's hair may even differ depending on where on your pup's body you choose to collect the hair.

Included in the collection kit is a paper scale. To assemble, fold down both sides of the scale and let it rock on its edges.  Place hair on the left side until the scale tips over. The scale is cut with an offset on one side, so it will tip when you get to the correct weight. When the scale tips, you have enough hair!

We recommend collecting hair from their belly or chest for aesthetic reasons. You can choose where you'd like to collect the hair from.

Importantly, this hair cut is less invasive than drawing blood from your pup with a needle, and the hair will always grow back.

Get to know your best friend.

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